Ken, the midfielder at Halito!

Meet Ken, our Chief Digital Information Officer.

“There is no I in team” – Working together for the best result, that is what Ken stands for.

Ken sees the world as a village, because of digitisation keeping contact has never been easier. Through his previous work at Philips, he has seen a lot of the world. This makes Ken a good fit for Halito! with its international team and international customer base. Besides the travelling he has done for his work, he also travels a lot privately and follows the Belgian soccer team almost everywhere.

Working in a team is very important for Ken, which suits his job description. He manages the team of developers and assists where needed. As a real team player he unburdens the programmers so they can focus on what is important to them: programming! We would like to compare Ken with the former central midfielder of his favorite club Liverpool: Steven Gerrard. Gerrard may be fitter physically, but mentally these team players are certainly well matched.

Ken is taking on the challenge of keeping the programmers in line and building a good team spirit, so they can achieve the best possible result.