Registration forms

Create your own event website and have your invitees complete the registration form via a link in the invitation. Choose from a variety of input fields, determine which fields are mandatory, and enter a minimum or maximum value for each field if you wish. Avoid long forms by working with a tree structure. If you don’t want invitees to register or deregister at the last minute, set an expiry date for the registration form.

Set limits

If you’re organising an event with a limited number of places, set a limit. Limits can also be set for each component – useful if you’re organising several workshops, for instance. When your limit is reached, create a waiting list. When a place becomes available, invitees will be automatically notified.

Paid events

If you’re organising a paid event, you can automate the billing and payment process with Halito!. Enter the entrance fee for the event and set the VAT rate. If you are working with different components, such as workshops or hotel accommodation, set the price for each component separately. Use early bird prices or discounts for specific groups or individuals.


Halito! also has useful solutions for workshop registration. Invitees choose on the registration form which workshop they want to attend, and you can immediately see how the registrations are going. You can set a limit for each workshop.

Guest management

Always rely on up-to-date guest lists. All the latest changes can be found in one overview, useful when you have multiple managers working on one project. Automate the e-mail campaigns based on the latest status of the guests, this way guests will always receive the correct e-mail.


View detailed real-time reports about your invitees. You can choose for yourself how the graphs are displayed: export individual charts or an overall summation. Data relating to all invitees can be exported to Excel or CSV at the touch of a button.