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Import the guest list

Import your guest list directly onto the Halito! platform. Duplicate and incorrect email addresses will be automatically filtered out of the file. Create groups in order to send out campaigns efficiently to the right target group.

Email campaigns

It’s very easy to set up email campaigns on the Halito! platform. Segment your invitees by creating different target groups. Choose the right target group(s) and send out the email campaign immediately or choose a suitable later time. Get real-time information on the results of your campaign in detailed reports.

Confirmation emails

Prepare personalised confirmation emails in advance. Invitees will automatically receive a confirmation email based on a selected answer in the registration form. For example, invitees who are able to attend may receive a different email from those who will be absent.

Look & feel

Adjust your email campaigns to match the style of your event, by adding a banner and images and personalising your messages. This ensures that your invitees receive a personal invitation that matches your event website.


You can easily add a save-the-date to invitations. Invitees can then bookmark the event in their diary with a single click.

Text message campaigns

Send a reminder just before the event or communicate last-minute changes with a text message campaign. Decide for yourself which target group(s) you want to reach and plan the campaigns in advance. View the results of the text message campaign in a detailed report.

Visitor invitation

The invitation for an event is one of the most important parts of your event communication. Create your online invitation in the digital platform Halito!. Schedule your e-mail campaigns. The invitations can be grouped, this way you can apply personalization. Personalization improves the success rate of your e-mail campaigns. Make sure the invitation is concise (an A4 is too long). The look & feel of your invitations is customizable to make sure it’s in line with your organization’s look & feel. Using digital invitations lowers the threshold of registration. Approach the invitation of your event like you would a business card, it’s at the same level of importance. Make sure your invitation doesn’t look like a digital newsletter. If it does, it will drastically decrease the click-ratio.