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Email campaigns

Receive real-time insights into the results of every email campaign. See how many emails have been delivered, which ones have bounced and who has opened the email.


View detailed real-time reports about your guests. See at a glance how many registrations and deregistrations there are and who has paid. You can view the number of registrations separately for each workshop.

Show/no-show registration

By registering guests on arrival, you get real-time insight into the event’s participants, so you can see who the ‘shows’ and ‘no shows’ are at a glance – handy for evaluating the event afterwards.


Evaluate an event’s success with a survey, and stay informed about the results (at individual or group level) in real time. You get to choose whether the guests participate anonymously in the survey or whether their personal details are kept.


Export the various statistics to Excel or CSV with ease. You can choose for yourself how the graphs are displayed: export individual charts or an overall summation. That way you will always have an up-to-date overview of, for example, the participants.

Event website

Gain insights into the total number of website visitors and the number of visitors per page with a link to an analytics tool. You can also see how visitors ended up on your event website. Via the invitation in the email or directly via a search.

Statistics & reports

During the whole process Halito! gathers detailed statistics. These statistics will be turned into reports. These reports van be used to measure the effectiveness (ROI) of your events and communication. You get insights in each e-mail campaign you’ve send. Which have been delivered, which have bounced and who opened the e-mail. This way you can use splitting tests and learn which campaigns have been more successful. If guests sign in at the entrance of your event, you can also measure show/no-shows. Are you curious to find out how many people registered compared to all visitors on the event website? Use the Halito! Analytics tool. You can also see how many people have registered in one glance. All these insights and reports can be used to improve any event yet to come!