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Payment service providers

Halito! works with various payment service providers for paid events. The entire payment and billing process is automated via Halito!, and there’s an easy online payment system for guests in a protected environment. After they’ve successfully paid, guests automatically receive an invoice.


Enter the entrance fee for the event and set the VAT rate. If you’re working with different components, such as paid workshops or hotel accommodation, set the price for each component separately.

Discount codes

Use early bird prices to promote your event. Grant discounts to specific groups or individuals with unique discount codes.

Payment methods

Payment can be made directly online using iDEAL, credit card or PayPal, or later via an invoice. The participant can indicate the email address to which the invoice should be sent.

Manage payments

Combine Halito! with your accounting package and gain direct insight into your financial situation. See who has already paid, send reminders and let Halito! communicate automatically with your accounting package. The relevant people will then have immediate insight into the event’s status.

Paid events

By paid events we mean that the entrance ticket costs money. The invoicing process at Halito! is automatic. Halito! offers insights in who has paid the fee and who hasn’t. You can choose from multiple Payment Service Providers. This way the payment process won’t seem any different from any other online purchase. After payment is complete, the visitor will receive a confirmation e-mail. The event ticket can be used digitally or physically (printed) at access control. Are there special guests that you would like to give promocodes? That’s no issue for the Halito! tool. Not every event organized with Halito! has to be a paid one. The ticketing module can be disabled. Halito! is the ideal partner for organizing paid business events!