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After they have registered, guests automatically receive a confirmation email and e-ticket including a barcode. You can add full practical details about the event to the e-ticket yourself.

Barcode Scanners

Scan the barcodes on visitors’ e-tickets or badges with a hand-held scanner or smartphone. With Halito! you can immediately see who is present at the event and who is still expected.

Show/no-show registration

By registering guests on arrival, you get real-time insight into the event’s participants, so you can see who the ‘shows’ and ‘no shows’ are at a glance – handy for evaluating the event afterwards.

Personalised badges

Use personalised badges for all visitors. These can be completely adapted to your desired style, and you can add any relevant information to them, such as the programme, the workshop choice, logos and of course the visitor’s name. No access to a suitable printer or do you prefer real-time printing? There’s a solution for everything.