Payment service providers

Halito! works with various payment service providers for paid events. The entire payment and billing process is automated via Halito!, and there’s an easy online payment system for guests in a protected environment.

Event app

An event app offers your participants loads of extras before, during and after the event. Use push messages to bring participants together, stimulate interaction and share important information. Together with our partners we offer practical solutions with a high conversion rate.

Networking and interaction

Networking is an important aspect of events. Together with our partners we offer solutions to encourage networking before, during and after events. Bring participants together by matchmaking, and encourage involvement and interaction by sharing slides, polls, quizzes and Q and A sessions live.

CRM platforms

A CRM platform is the central base where customer data are managed. A link with Halito! ensures that existing data are automatically updated to the most recent version and new data are added. Managing your customer data becomes easier, faster and more secure in this way.

Accounting packages

Combine Halito! with your accounting package and gain direct insight into your financial figures. The relevant people will then have immediate insight into the event’s status. Invoice information doesn’t have to be entered manually, which saves time and cuts down on errors.

Halito! API

Halito! offers a standardised integration, the Halito! API. An easy to use framework that allows you to securely exchange data between different software tools. You choose which software you want to integrate with Halito!. That way data is shared in real-time between all tools.