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Responsive design

An event website that automatically adapts to the visitor’s device. Desktops, tablets, smartphones... you can be sure that your event website will be displayed perfectly everywhere.

Look & feel

Adjust your email campaigns to match the style of your event, by adding a banner and images and personalising your messages. This ensures that your invitees receive a personal invitation that matches your event website.

Manage pages

Choose the right page type and create your page content in no time by adding texts, media, tables, forms, location information or a photo album. Duplicating pages and forms can make organising event websites even more efficient.


You get to choose for yourself which pages are visible to your audience. Do you want to protect certain pages? Then secure them with a password or make them accessible only through campaigns.

Display a real-time guest list

For each event you can opt to display a guest list of registered participants. Choose which fields from the registration form are shown in the guest list. A direct link to their LinkedIn profile can also be added – but make sure all your guests have given permission for this.

Your own domain name

Communicate all events via your own domain name, so that your event website reflects the organisation’s corporate identity, without branding from Halito!.

Event website

An event website is a temporary website used to provide all information concerning your event to your guests. Everything from date, time, location, program, speakers, workshops and contact to the registration form are displayed on the eventsite. Is your event more or less complicated? You can always add and delete pages. Everyone can make an event website. With Halito! you don’t need to have any experience in programming or designing. All event websites are customizable to fit the look & feel of your company. The websites are white-label, which means that there will be no Halito! branding displayed whatsoever, also you can pick your own domain name. This way your guests won’t even know that it’s made with the Halito! event software.