Does your event registration conform to all privacy and security requirements?

The GDPR regulations were applied in May 2018. All organizations that gather/analyze on- and/or offline data of European citizens are bound by this new ruling. There are many difficulties in these laws, but it’s very important that your organization meets the requirements. Not meeting the mandatory restrictions will result in hefty fines. A lot of organizations have made changes in their event registration to conform to this new law.

The past year we have worked together with security experts to organize two events for event professionals to clarify these rulings on certain points:

  • How to create an offer that customers want to register to?
  • What effects does the GDPR regulations have on my marketing activities?
  • What are the ‘bare-minimum’ requirements to meet the GDPR regulations?
  • How to ask for permission the right way for sending invites for events?
  • How to create and manage a ‘data register’?

The theme ‘Getting the privacy & security basics right’ will get a sequel. This time we want to help event professionals further improve on their event communication and registration. We do this by offering a ‘Quick Scan’ and directly applicable tips and tricks.

Do you want to check whether your event registration process meets the privacy and security legislation? Check our whitepaper with 13 tips for safe event communication.

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