A look back at the live webinar: The invitation that everyone takes up

254 event professionals participated in the live webinar that’s full of tips and tricks!

During a live webinar with Erik Peekel from Aaaaha! the Actor Factory and Sjoerd Weikamp from EventBranche.nl, various tips were discussed on how to optimise the event invitation process and limit ‘no shows’.

The following topics were discussed:

  • The invitation process
  • Convincing invitees
  • The registration process
  • Avoiding ‘no shows’

The invitation process
Send an invitation or at least a save-the-date message approximately six weeks before the event.

Tip! Never use an info@ or noreply@ address as the sender: use account managers to add a personal touch.

Sending invitations by email is fast and effective, and invitees can register directly via the link in the email. Keep the invitation short and concise, or use an appetite-whetting film that will ensure that you go viral.

Convincing invitees
To convince your event’s (potential) guests:

  • Use an appetite-whetting title for your digital invitation.
  • Use only your very best arguments. If you use too many arguments, the weaker ones will sow doubt among potential guests.
  • Use a variety of channels to create a buzz. At Halito!, we offer social media, Wrap the Gift, text message campaigns and animation films, for instance.
  • Use testimonials. Recommendations from guests at your previous event are an enormous help in convincing potential visitors.

Registration process
The registration form should already have the data filled in that you as an organiser already know about your guest. Once guests have registered for your event, they should receive a personalised confirmation immediately. A few days prior to the event, send them a reminder to which you can add directions and any other useful information.

Tip! Keep the event site simple with a clear call-to-action (register)
Tip! Always test your invitation email before you send it.
Tip! Don’t forget to send a reminder (max. 2 or 3 times) to people who have not yet registered.

Points to consider when choosing registration software:

  • Is there real-time reporting?
  • As a visitor, are you given the possibility of directly deregistering?
  • If you have individual items on the programme for which people can register, does the software offer you the possibility to include this directly with registration?
  • Is it possible to print badges from the software?
  • Is the possibility offered to make payment directly for paying events (e.g. using iDeal)?

Avoiding ‘no shows’
How do you avoid the situation where guests who have signed up for your event fail to show up? Shift the impact of not being present and create awareness. Some tips:

  • Send a list of participants to your guests and/or display it on the event site.
  • Make it easy for guests to deregister.
  • Send out a personal reminder (e.g. by text) a few days before your event.
  • A no-show penalty is not popular, but you can apply it in a way that is acceptable by asking guests who have failed to appear at your event to make a payment to a charity.

We are pleased and proud that Halito! has passed Erik Peekel’s and Sjoerd Weikamp’s test with flying colours, and that Halito! reflects all the tips that were given.

Are you looking for more tips, or would you like to drink a coffee with us (without obligation) in order to discuss your event communication? Get in touch with our sales team!