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We assess the happiness factor from the moment of first acquaintance until the end of their events. Only on this basis can we really measure whether customers are happy about their collaboration with us and where optimisation is needed.

Continuous improvement of the customer experience is one of our key priorities. Monitoring their feedback is vital, as it allows us to respond quickly and effectively to their ever changing needs.

 At Halito! we look critically at ourselves, and we ask customers to do so too. And regular personal contact doesn’t just give us an understanding of what our customers do at the weekend: it’s essential to proactively tailoring our services to their expectations. Because if we know what’s going on with our customers, we can respond proactively, quickly and effectively.

On the basis of five KPIs, we measure customer satisfaction with an automated survey after handling each customer demand:

  • Solution focus
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Clarity
  • Friendliness

We also analyse the potential for improvement in five different but closely related business areas:

The product

The Halito! event platform: We work actively for a product that fits perfectly with the market. With a rock-solid and stable basis that allows us to respond quickly to trends and expectations Because as well as optimising the existing product, our development team is working on new functionalities daily. The input for this largely comes from our customers, and we also like to involve them in the development process.

The service

Together with the event platform, our expertise too has undergone rapid growth.  To surpass customer expectations with more than just the tool, we enthusiastically put our years of experience into services that connect with it seamlessly. This way we can give our customers even more support with their online event communication through tailored advice, concept development, and content and project management.

Halito! Academy

Good training is one of the factors in our customers’ success. We have learnt from experience that it helps them achieve their goal more quickly and increase the ROI of their investment. With the Halito! Academy we offer a relevant range of training possibilities.


As well as IQ and EQ, you also need ACCU! Our employees are our most important asset, with an approach that is always friendly, open and constructive.

The complementary experiences of the Halito! team and its partners leads to a state-of-the-art event platform, and above all to satisfied customers.

With the recruitment of a CSO and an adapted marketing strategy, we aim to focus even more on customer delight. Continuity, added value, engagement, excellence and scalability are essential elements in our approach.

Processes and systems

Efficient, effective and secure processes free up time to focus on the customer’s interests.