An innovative tool for the meeting and event industry

Looking for a tool to design your event in a fun & more effective way?

How do you articulate the value your events create? – How can you justify the investment in an event? – How best can you serve all the different stakeholders in one single event? – How do you make sure stakeholders get what you promised them? – How can you make sure that stakeholders are different from what they were when they arrived by the time they leave?

The Event Canvas is a powerful visual methodology to fill in the gaps between the thoughts of the meeting owner and all the other attendees of a meeting. Streamline the input of each stakeholder to make sure that everybody leaves the meeting with clarity. Make the points for improvement and the objectives clear, so that your event’s outcome reflects all stakeholders’ expectations.

Bring all event-related components into the picture with the Event Canvas – a carefully devised and tested model that helps you set up your next event.

You might also want to check out the 111 Second VIDEO tutorial to get the creative juices flowing in how to use the Canvas.

If you want to find out more or to download the Canvas, visit the website of Event Model Generation. Or attend one of their next presentations at Nijenrode Business University on July 3rd 2014; the first Event Model Canvas Master Class. In a single day, learn what steps you have to take to deploy the Canvas strategically and tactically.