“Making connections and data security go hand in hand.” KMO Insider spoke to Bart Van Zele

Halito! takes care of things for its customers as they make the connection with their associates. The protection of personal data in the automation of communication and guest registration for business events is a hot topic at present. As you might expect, data security is embedded in the core values at Halito!.

Thanks to years of experience and close cooperation with its customers and partners in the event industry, Halito! has no difficulty in taking account of new standards such as digitisation, big data and targeted experiences.

In order to enhance the performance of events, Halito! has made changes to its application in recent months. The result is a stable and secure foundation with possibilities for the integration of technologies such as hybrid events and event apps. A total solution for the entire communication cycle – before, during and after the event.

We invite you to take a look behind the scenes.

The face behind the application

The web developers at Halito! have worked hard in recent months and made the necessary preparations behind the scenes. “This update is more than just cosmetic surgery. We have drastically overhauled the whole interior of the application, from the foundations to the roof. As a result, we have created a solid basis from which to carry on responding to new challenges in the years ahead,” say the web development team.

Checking for vulnerabilities

Data security is the foremost concern in the development of the new functionalities of Halito! 6.0. This means that any change to the application goes through a rigorous release process. An independent security party scrutinises the entire platform, conducting thorough tests to look for vulnerabilities. Updates are only launched after approval.

Halito! customers are beta-testers

Engagement is hardwired into Halito! as well as data security. As much as 75% of the Halito! event platform is based on customer input. This is reflected once again in Halito! 6.0.

A select group of five customers were invited to be the first to try the new functionalities and share their experience: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Product development is a continuous process in which the customer plays the leading role. Halito! listens, analyses and translates market requirements into a SaaS solution and associated services. The customer decides when and how to be helped by Halito! with the deployment of professional and efficient communication projects.

The result

Are you curious about how the new Halito! event platform can help you? You’re welcome to join us for a cup of coffee at one of our offices. On Tuesday 10 January 2017 the launch takes place. Training sessions will be organized!